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Who Are We?

Mott Haven Locksmith Bronx is a locksmith company dedicated to serving you. With security and safety is important in everybody’s life which is why you need to ensure that your home, business, and vehicle have good reliability. You can protect yourself, the people around you, and your valuables with the right lock and safety systems. While you can always take care of small tasks like performing easy lock repairs, some security problems can be solved better by professionals.

We understand the importance of having a secured environment, which is why we train our locksmiths to understand your locksmith needs. With this, they have the passion to do their best in ensuring that all possible risks will be covered by our locksmith services. With us, you can expect nothing but the best services from our highly-trained, highly-skilled, and extensively experienced locksmiths.

Why Choose Mott Haven Locksmith Bronx

Regardless of whether it’s an emergency or not, any security problem or risk needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. When you need it taken care of, choosing our company is one of the best decisions you can make. With our team of reliable professional technicians, state-of-the-art equipment, a quick 24/7 emergency response team, and affordable services that can fit any budget, we have everything needed to restore your systems.


Our Services

Residential Services

People rarely think about their locksmith needs. People only think of hiring a residential locksmith during emergency situations. Because of this, they get the first locksmith they see and don’t look for other options. However, for your security, you need to make sure that you have a locksmith Bronx service provider you can rely upon when you need professional help, emergency or not.

At Mott Haven Locksmith Bronx, we believe that your home deserves the best security. To provide it for you, we offer a wide range of affordable residential locksmith services. We will help you cover all your locksmith needs and boost your home security.

Commercial Services

If you want to have a successful business, you need to make sure that all your assets, valuables, and profit are safe. The same goes whether you own an office or an entire building as your property. To ensure that your business will be smooth without unnecessary hassles, you need to keep your employees, valuables, and clients safe as they do business at your location.

We’re a locksmith Bronx services provider that can enhance your business’ security with quality commercial services. Mott Haven Locksmith Bronx is the best choice for businesses of all sizes. With experience in providing locksmith services for companies in various industries, we can provide security for you, too.

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Emergency Services

Being locked out from your car, home, or business office is considered as an emergency. The same is true when there’s an intruder entering your property or your keys suddenly broke apart. In these instances, you need to hire someone that serves round-the-clock, is equipped with skills and knowledge, have the right solutions, and can provide fast solutions.

During emergencies like this, you need a locksmith Bronx company to provide an immediate response. With Mott Haven Locksmith Bronx emergency services, we are always waiting by the phone to answer any emergency calls. Once you give us your location and the situation that you’re in, we will be there to fix your locksmith problem as quickly as possible.

Auto Services

Nowadays, we rely so much on our vehicles. This is why it can really shake up anyone’s day when you find yourself locked out of your car or when you can’t find your car keys. When this happens, it can be difficult to get on with your schedule, especially if you have to go somewhere important. When you can’t use your car, you need a locksmith Bronx service provider to be there for you.

At Mott Haven Locksmith Bronx, we offer a complete range of auto services. We have a team of skilled auto locksmiths ready to work on your car, no matter the brand or model. Get your car secure and running with us now.

Services Include, but are not limited to

  • Key Duplication – If you need a copy of your key , our key duplication service will serve you well.
  • Broken Key Extraction – When broken keys are jammed in the cylinder, you will have a tough time opening your door. Get the problem fixed by having us take out the broken key pieces.
  • Change Lock Cylinder – Boost your security by getting the old lock cylinders in your property replaced.
  • Car Lockout – Get access to your car again by having it fixed with a car lockout service from us.
  • Lock Rekey – If you want to change your keys but don’t want to change your locks, we can provide you with a lock rekey service.
  • Lockout Service – If you’re locked out of your house, our locksmiths can get it open in a few minutes.
  • Lock Repair – Repairing damaged locks is essential to ensuring security. Have us repair yours now!
  • Lock Installation – Do you have a new house, or you just want increased security? Either way, we can provide you with a lock installation service.
  • Master Systems – Take control of your security system by having one of our quality master systems installed!
  • Safe Opening & Repair – Can’t open your safe? Get it opened and repaired now by Mott Haven Locksmith Bronx!
  • And more!

Call For Immediate Response(718) 679-9884

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Do you need locksmith Bronx to unlock your jammed doors or get broken keys out of your cylinder lock? Don’t worry, getting professional help from us is as easy as giving us a call at (718) 679-9884. As soon as it rings, we’ll pick up the phone, get all the necessary information, and we’ll be rushing to help you out.

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